Our Services

For busy council managers, there is often insufficient time to concentrate on everything that needs attention. Important tasks and projects can be held up while you attend to more urgent matters.Your strategic planning tasks, policy reviews, in-house investigations, staff performance management, and conflict resolution issues can be outsourced. Hiring in the expertise to progress these important functions or to catch up on your backlog can introduce independent thought and can also be a convenient way to move forward. Mike has worn many hats over 34 years working for local councils. Drawing on his general management and corporate and financial directorship experience, Mike can support you to achieve a myriad of priorities and hasten delivery timeframes.

Council Consultancy Projects

Examples of engagements include: -

  • Prepare a Community Strategic Plan for a NSW council.
  • Prepare Delivery Plan, Operational Plan, and Long Term Financial Plan templates for a NSW Council.

  • Locum Acting General Manager at two NSW councils while new GM's were recruited.

  • Locum Director Corporate Business at a large NSW coastal city council. 

  • Recruitment facilitation - Director Corporate Business and Director Community Development (NSW council)  

  • Recruitment facilitation - Development Services Director (NSW council).
  • Preparation of a Delivery Program and Operational Plan (NSW council).

  • Recruitment facilitation - Chief Executive Officer (NT council)
  • GM performance review facilitation (NSW council).

  • CEO Performance Review (NT council).

  • Organisational Review (NSW council).

  • Departmental Reviews (NSW council)

  • Preparation of a Rural Council Proposal under the NSW local government Fit for the Future process with the Council found by IPART to be "fit".
  • ​Preparation of a submission for a NSW council objecting to the Minister's Proposal for a Merger of two councils.

Needs of Local Councils

Mike Colreavy's services are tailored to your specific needs. Importantly, client councils receive a boutique service where at any point in time the inflow of our engagements is controlled to ensure that the necessary consultancy time is devoted to your project - when you need it, in order to deliver your outcomes on time and within budget.

Having managed councils himself, Mike appreciates that, against a background of scarce resources, affordability is always an important spending consideration for councils. Clients find that our fees are refreshingly affordable in comparison to others, providing excellent value for money.

Senior Executive Performance

Using a facilitator for a GM/CEO's performance review can be very useful. It relieves the Performance Review Panel of the process work associated with the review, allowing it to focus on the KPI's. It improves the dialogue between the Council and GM/CEO. And where there are differences of opinion or difficult issues it introduces a degree of independence and enhances frankness within the process. Mike will do all the process work for the parties to the review allowing them to concentrate on the more important aspects of performance and delivery. Mike can help you set up or revise your performance agreement, or work with an existing agreement - whatever suits your particular needs. He can also assist by facilitating performance management of your senior executives saving you valuable time.